Government Employee Housing

$200 million has been allocated over 2017-2018 to 2026-27 to build more government employee housing to include options for locally recruited remote Northern Territory Government employees.

This program will support remote community residents who meet Northern Territory Government employee housing eligibility guidelines.

This program is designed to make things fairer, so eligible government employees living in remote communities have access to government employee housing the same way recruits who move to the community do.

The Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment sets the eligibility terms and conditions for Northern Territory Public Sector employees, and the Chief Executive Officer of the employing agency approves employee eligibility for housing.

The employing agency decides whether new houses are allocated to local or external recruits, based on their business requirements.

If you are a Northern Territory Government employee and would like to know more about government employee housing, talk to your department’s human resources team.

Read about the program’s progress.