Frequently Asked Questions

When does work actually start? What happens first?

    Work has started.  Find out what has been happening here.

    This will be rolling across ten years, and delivered community by community. The first step when planning work is to engage with each community to determine its specific needs.

    It is recognised that some communities will receive investment and works towards the beginning of the initiative, while others will receive it towards the end.

Will all communities get something out of this funding?

    All communities will be informed and engaged over the life of the initiative.

    The Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) is working with the local decision-making groups in each community to determine what works will best meet the community’s housing and accommodation needs.

How will businesses be getting work? Can I submit a tender?

    Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes. is supporting community development. Local and regional businesses that can demonstrate a commitment to local investment will have a priority under the current procurement policy of ‘Buy Local’.

What’s the difference between this and other previous major remote housing programs?

    Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes. is place responsive, recognising that each Aboriginal community is different, with unique housing needs and solutions. It will provide an opportunity for community development and for communities to have a say in their housing needs and how their community grows. Planning will be undertaken with communities and respond to community needs and priorities, from the type of housing to how housing will be built, to job and training opportunities.

I live on a community, when is my community getting work done?

    Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes. goes for ten years, and we will talk to all communities over its lifespan.

    We will tell you when we are coming to talk to your community.

    We have been focusing first on communities with high levels of over-crowding that can get houses underway.

What does local decision making mean?

    This is a ten year investment with a focus on local decision making. Local decision making means communities have input into what housing looks like in their community.

This investment will not be enough to make a substantial difference.

    This investment may not be enough to solve accommodation need in all communities but will make a significant difference for individuals and substantially improve their well-being.

    The NTG continues to negotiate with the Commonwealth Government regarding further funding for housing and infrastructure.

How can I get involved?