Father and son building the future together

It’s a family affair for locals working on the Room to Breathe program in Pirlangimpi, with father Ningle and son Matthew Garlarla renovating their own home, among others.

“One of the houses being renovated by local employees Ningle and Matthew is the home where Matthew grew up and Ningle still lives,” contractor DT Hobbs owner David Hobbs said.

Three homes have been extended and three are underway under Room to Breathe, part of the remote housing investment package Our Community. Our Future. Our Homes.

“The feedback from the community and tenants about the program has been extremely positive” Mr Hobbs said. “[Community members have told me] they appreciate the design and changes made to the homes”.

These comments have been a great boost to DT Hobbs, knowing that their work is valued by the tenants and community.

4 August 2020

Ningle Garlarla (second from left) and Matthew Garlarla (far right) in front of a house they are renovating in Pirlangimpi.